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DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala. (WKRG) — During the summer break, many students make their way to the Gulf Coast beaches.  What they may not realize, is their science teachers are doing the same thing, but for totally different reasons.  

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab Discovery Hall Program is a series of teacher workshops that are sponsored by Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant.  The name of this workshop is fins, fishes and fisheries, so they are learning all about fish, and fishery management and seafood safety and sustainability of harvesting practices.  In this group, we have teachers from Alabama and Mississippi, but also Tennessee and Florida.

The workshops through Discovery Hall Program give the teacher a chance at hands-on discovery, but also applying a lot of the things that you see and learn about in textbooks but we actually get to not only experience this first hand but we get to tie it directly into the state of Alabama.  Another great benefit of the Discovery Hall Program workshops is that instead of getting second-hand or third-hand information, oftentimes we have experts come in that are doing current research in their particular field of study and they get to share that directly with the teachers and so that way it’s fresh and you’ve learned it directly from the expert and you can pass that directly onto your students.

The Sea Grant funding allows the teachers to come down, get this first-hand experience, get this information, learn from the experts here at the Dauphin Island Sea lab, explore relevant classroom activities, get them renewed and re-enthused for the upcoming school year. 

For more information contact the Dauphin Island Sea Lab Discovery Hall Program.

And don’t forget that The 86th Annual Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo will be held this weekend July 19-21 on Dauphin Island.  Tickets for anglers are available online or at ticket outlets.  Weigh-ins are open and free to the public. For more information go to

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