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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — You know, cold weather is here so I think we need to concentrate on how we should properly dress for cold weather. 

Nelson Wingo: Things have changed a lot over the years on how people dress.  Used to you would put on the thickest, heaviest clothes you could get and by the time you walk into your stand you’ve done perspired and was hot and then you get up there and get cold.  So now the theory is everybody goes with layers.  You start with the basic base layer.  Something light that’s cool as you’re walking in. So you walk into your stand and when you get there you carry some of this other outerwear and put it on as an as-needed basis.  

The new technology has made this stuff very light-weight, but yet very warming to the body. Of course, your wool blends are really important or a lot of the new polymer stuff is just as warm and it’s much lighter and not as thick and bulky.  Even on the body layer, Browning makes a real nice wool. This is a full wool shirt that you can put on underneath this and normally this and this is worn as an outside cover too is usually ample.

But if we really get colder down in the 20s and stuff.

Gary: Something like this?

Nelson: Yeah. This is something that is fleece on the inside, that’s fiber-filled. And like I said this is for super cold days. When you put all three of that together, this should keep you comfortable in the tree-stand down to the mid-teens. 

Gary: So you’ve got an under layer…

Nelson: Yeah, under-layer, mid-layer and top-layer. 

One of the important things people need to be aware of is a lot of your body heat comes out of your head.  You can put this on over your head and that will keep the body warm within your body instead of perspiring out your hair. 

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