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The Alligator Hunt Registration opened in Alabama June 4th and will remain open until July 10th.  If you are one of the lucky ones to get a permit, you must attend a class prior to heading out on your hunt.  Wildlife Biologist and Alabama Alligator Hunt Coordinator, Chris Nix, took a few minutes to explain the permit selection process as well as his recommendations for success. 

The hunt started in 2006 and the system that we had in place then you could apply as many times as you wanted to for as many zones and it was like for a 6 or 7 dollar fee per application.  In 2014, we changed that process to where you can only have one application per hunt zone per year per person.  That year, we also implemented a preference point system or a bonus point system.  What our goal was was to get a turnover in the people that were selected for the tags.  I don’t want someone to get a tag every year or every two years, I want the three to four-year turnover and that’s what this preference point system will end up doing.  
The number one thing is safety.  I try to stress it in our classes.  We get a tremendous amount of people that are not from this area.  The best advice that I can give them is don’t scout during the nighttime.  Don’t scout alligators, scout the habitat.  Scout the river systems.  Know where you’re going before you get out there at night and get yourself in trouble running somewhere that you can’t run.  You will be much more productive as far as harvesting an alligator and a lot safer by doing that.  
And then other just boating safety regulations, you know, always keeping running lights, wearing life jackets, you know, those things are very important.  I want all the alligators to get or all the alligator hunters to get off the water safely and hopefully be productive at the same time, but we want everybody to come back safe. 

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