Avoiding the Bayway toll could cost drivers more time

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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — With a $6 toll possibly coming to the Bayway, drivers could soon be looking for alternate routes.

If you go by what your maps tell you, it’ll take you 24 minutes to cross to Baldwin County by the Bayway, 25 minutes if you go through Downtown to the Causeway, and 28 minutes if you take the Africatown Bridge to the Causeway.

When you get behind the wheel yourself, the GPS time estimates are not always accurate. News 5 decided to conduct our own test.

We wanted to make our starting and ending points the same to make our findings as accurate as possible. We also did our drives over the course of two days to make sure we were doing them at about the same time so rush hour traffic would not impact the times.

We left to take the Bayway route at 3:30 PM. We got stopped by a traffic jam on the Bayway around the Wallace Tunnel and again later on the Bayway bridge. Our car got to Baldwin County at 4:03 PM.

Taking the Causeway for the second test, we left at 4:30 PM. Traffic backed up on Government for several blocks before the Bankhead Tunnel was within view. Our car got to Baldwin County at 5:15 PM.

We took the Africatown Bridge for our final route leaving News 5 studios at 3-45. The only traffic issue we found was where the Bankhead Tunnel let out on to the Causeway. Our car got to Baldwin County at 4:16 PM.

Taking a look at all three routes, the Africatown Bridge comes in with the shortest time of 31 minutes, the Bayway comes in second at 33 minutes, and the Causeway comes in last with a time of 45 minutes.

The one big thing our test could not take into account is just how many cars will no longer use the Bayway due to the tolls. We will probably see an increased number of cars on the alternate routes, making traffic back up longer on those already busy roads.

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