MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — We are now hours away from Christmas Day.

Throughout the Gulf coast, shoppers have been headed out to pick up some of their last-minute needs.

In Mobile, shoppers have been at surrounding retailers throughout the city, picking up everything they need before Saturday.

“I had to last-minute shop for gifts for my parents,” said Dylan Preston.

“I was coming out here looking for items for myself. I got all my kid’s stuff covered,” says Ashley Hayes.

Shoppers say they headed to the stores last minute because they didn’t have the resources to do so any earlier.

Others say because they didn’t have the time, including Liam and Liah Brehony.

“Last minute shopping. You seem to think of everyone and then at the last moment there’s always
someone you forgot so were out to get a few presents for a few beautiful people.”

In all, shoppers say they’re just thankful they’re able to see another Christmas.

“I’m thankful for Christmas, waking up this morning…having a wonderful day,” says Andelair Betties. “I’m out with my family shopping for my wife, and my grandkids, and kids.”

“It’s good nobody is out here causing trouble for nobody,” Von Dembert. “That’s how it’s supposed to be, it’s Christmas. You just have no heart if you want to do something bad out here for Christmas.”