A beautiful sky after a stormy afternoon

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After a day filled with rain and thunder, the evening sky put on a beautiful show as storms moved away. 

Viewers from across the News 5 are wittnessed both mammatus clouds and rainbows in the wake of the wet weather.

Mammatus clouds “look like they are bubbling downward. Mammatus happen in different thunderstorms at any time of the day but they are most noticeable when the sun is low in the sky because that creates shadows…” The name mammatus comes from the word “mamma”, as in mammary, because that’s what they look like. Mammatus clouds mean the sky is turbulent.

Rainbows form when light passes from air into water. The light bends slightly and separates into seven colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Do you remember the acronym ROY G BIV? That will help you remember the seven colors of the spectrum. On a rainbow, red is the color on the outside. When the sun is low and bright we see a second rainbow or a double rainbow but the raindrops have to be just the right size. In the double rainbow the colors are reversed so that red is on the inside. You might also notice that the sky is much lighter on the inside of the main rainbow, and darker on the outside of the second rainbow.

Did you spot these weather sights? Send your pictures to news5@wkrg.com.


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