Former NFL player fights with police officer, brawl caught on camera


(WDIV) – A former Seattle Seahawks player is charged with assault and resisting arrest after an incident earlier this year in Oakland County, Michigan.

According to authorities, 23-year-old Malik McDowell was stopped in the early morning hours of February 18.

According to court records, McDowell was driving recklessly on a snow-covered road and also ran a red light.

McDowell pulled into a gas station and when the officer explained why he had pulled him over, McDowell got angry and allegedly refused to show his license.

During the entire ordeal, Mcdowell barely said anything but asking for that supervisor more than 50 times. That back and forth lasted a little more than a minute, until McDowell got up and walked into the store.

The officer tried to arrest him warns him that he will taser him if he continues to resist arrest. McDowell approached the officer and appears to reach for his taser, then sits down before he is hit with the taser.

Then Mcdowell ripped the prongs from his jacket and attacked the officer.

When another officer walked in, McDowell grabbed for her gun, but she was able to push his hand off her holster.

Then after more of a struggle he is in handcuffs and it takes a group of officers to get him outside and into a patrol car.

McDowell is 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 300 pounds.

The officer also reported McDowell had slurred speech and smelled strongly of alcohol.

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