TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – An English couple discovered a stash of rare and extremely valuable coins underneath the floor of their kitchen when they were renovating, and the haul of coins recently sold at an auction.

The coins were discovered by a couple in North Yorkshire, Gregory Edmund, an auctioneer and British coin specialist at Spink and Son, told the Today Show.

Edmund told Today that the couple thought at first they had found some electrical cable while working on their home in 2019. However, the coins recently sold at auction for $852,380.

“The finders who wish to remain anonymous were absolutely staggered by the result. It dwarfed any pre-conceived expectations,” Edmund said in comments sent to News Channel 8.

One of the coins set a new world record for any “brockage” mint error coin of any country ever sold at auction, selling for $72,860. The coin is a George I ‘Brockage’ Guinea, 1720 and is a coin with two tails.

The Yorkshire Post reported in August that the coins have been linked to a Hull merchant family, the Maisters. The family made their fortune trading in ports, according to the newspaper.

According to Today, the coins date from 1610 through 1727.

“The coins were perhaps very ordinary in one sense, but the story was extraordinary and that is what achieved the mind-blowing result… I do hope people think before ripping up their floors though!” Edmund said.