More Americans wearing masks during COVID outbreak


Those in Asian countries most likely to wear masks

Pedestrian uses her phone while wearing a face mask. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

More people across 15 major countries say they are now wearing a face mask to protect themselves from the coronavirus pandemic. People in more developed countries, though, are less likely to do so.

The survey by global marketing firm Ipsos reveals the countries where the greatest percentage of residents are wearing masks: Vietnam (91%), China (83%), Italy (81%), Japan (77%) and India (76%). The lowest figures come from the United Kingdom (16%), Germany (20%), Australia (21%), Canada (28%) and France (34%). About half of Americans are wearing masks.

In terms of expectations, people in Japan (58%) and Vietnam (55%) and hard-hit Italy (53%) expect others to wear a mask around them so they don’t get sick. Meanwhile, respondents in Australia (46%) and the U.K. (41%) were most likely to say they did not see the value in wearing a face mask if they are not sick

Since March, Russia (+47 percentage points), the United States and Italy (+38) have seen the biggest jumps in the number of people who now say they are wearing a mask, followed by significant increases in Brazil (+30), France (+28) and Mexico (+26).

The findings are based on a survey of nearly 29,000 respondents conducted from April 9 to 12 in 15 countries.

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