Wearing face coverings outside could trigger heat-related illnesses


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The statewide mask mandate has been in effect since July 16th. With high humidity and hot temperatures as we get close to the peak of summer heat, more heat-related illnesses were reported. Could wearing a face-covering outside put you at a higher risk?

Meteorologist Colleen Peterson asked Greg Ledbetter, ER Physician at Brookwood Medical Baptist Center in Birmingham Alabama, if wearing a mask outside on a hot day could increase the chances of a heat related illness?

“It could to a point there are two need things you need to think about first of all someone with asthma or a lung related problem if they are having trouble breathing and they are wearing a mask outside, that could exascerbate the problem when wearing a mask outside,” Dr. Ledbetter explained.

Not only those with pre-existing health problems should be extra careful but also individuals that could have COVID-19.

“That you could actually have COVID and be asymptomatic and dont really know you  have it and so they have a low grade fever which obviously would make it easier to get a heat related illness,” Dr. Ledbetter said.

In order to prevent heat exhaustion make sure to stay hydrated and try to not be outside in the heat of the day during 10-4.


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