Study says Mississippi least aggressive state in fighting COVID-19


Alabama is 33rd, Florida 36th

Mississippi’s Governor Tate Reeves Tuesday finally passed a measure closing restaurants and banning large gatherings. Earlier in the day, Mississippi was named as the least aggressive state in the nation in dealing with the coronavirus.

The personal finance website compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 46 key metrics including tested cases of COVID-19 per capita, school closures, ICU beds, and shelter-in-place policies. Mississippi ranked 51st – dead last.

Florida was 36th. Alabama was 33rd.

Alabama ranked second best for COVID-19’s impact on the economy, but second worst for the highest share of at-risk populations who are critically ill.

According to the study, California is the most aggressive state against the coronavirus, followed by Rhode Island, Maryland, and New Hampshire.

The rankings reflect data available as of Monday afternoon.

See the full report here

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*Maps provided by Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi Departments of Public Health

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