Sam’s Fun City prepares to reopen May 22


PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Sam’s Fun City is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020, and its new COVID-19 policies are there to ensure guests can celebrate with them.

Sam’s Fun City, 6709 Pensacola Blvd., is set to reopen Friday, May 22, said its President Richard Sanfilippo, but guests can expect a different experience when arriving.

The park will operate at a 25% capacity. Guests are encouraged to purchase tickets online. When they arrive, they will be required to go through a health questionnaire and sign a waiver saying the park is not liable for any COVID-19 illness.

“We are recording everybody coming in. We’re doing screening,” Sanfilippo said. “(It’s a) pretty comprehensive screening of both temperature and oxygen levels.”

Additionally, hand washing stations will be set up across the park and pedestrian traffic will be directed by signs and monitored by staff. A ride attendant will escort groups through the park.

Ride attendants will also work to sanitize park seats and equipment after each use. Guests who cannot maintain social distance will be required to wear a mask.

Sanfilippo said the park has had to shut down before due to 9/11, hurricanes, the Great Recession, but never have the impacts been as devastating as closing for COVID-19.

“We’ve had five major environmental effects that have been outside of the park that have effected our operation, but this is by far the worst,” he said. “We’ve never had to close for more than a week.”

He’s hoping the reopening plan will encourage guests to come visit Sam’s Fun City.

“We are operating the park much different,” Sanfilippo said. “We’re trying basically to set a level where people can come and feel like this is the safest place to have some semblance of enjoyment and recreation with their families.”

Here a list from Sam’s Fun City of the complete comprehensive plan to ensure guest safety:

•we will change our facility to a gated park, all who enter must have a wristband and pay an admission fee. (our capacity will be cut to 25% of its limit).
• We will establish an adult and child pricing structure.
• There will be one entrance and one exit to the park attractions and all other doors will be monitored by staff. Ticket sales and wrist bands will be done from the outside ticketing booth.
• We will screen and test each person who attends our facility. This includes a health questionnaire, body temperature not greater than 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit and a O2 (pulse oximeter) saturation of not less than 95%.
• We will register and keep records of all guests (must provide name, e-mail and phone number for each guest) in case of any necessary follow-up.
• A waiver must be signed by all guests excluding SFC from any liability regarding safety or Covid-19.
• Additional hand washing stations will be available throughout the park.
• Pedestrian walking patterns will be created using directional signs, limiting face to face contact with other guests.
• Appropriate nose and mouth coverings must be utilized if guests are unable to social distance themselves.
• We will not reopen high physical contact attractions such as our play zone, laser tag, inflatables (bouncy houses).
• Prior reservations are preferable where the guest will be able to choose a date preference up to a predetermined amount of purchases per day. If the reservations are not full that day we will accept walk-ins. Each group of guests will be guided by a designated ride attendant who will ensure social distancing.
• Prepaid online via credit card use will be the accepted method of payment.
• Guests will be provided with a menu to check off their choice of food items and it will be prepared and served to them outside to prevent lines at the concession stand. Alternatively, a app/texting option may be available for orders/pickup.
• We will have Three types of Birthday Party options and the hostess of that party will also become the ride attendant for all guests of that party. Only Two parties per hour will be scheduled so that we only have one party per each dining area. Plus we can accommodate up to Ten parties in the water park.
• All tables and chairs will be spread to create a minimum of 6 feet of distance between each one.
• All indoor attractions will be strictly volume controlled and monitored and a physical barrier will be placed between guests and staff for their protection.
• Train and roller coaster rides will have limited capacity for seating and operate on the hour.
• Our water park pools will be maintained at the highest & safest level of chlorination possible and the lazy river will require floating in only one direction.
• All park rules will be strictly enforced as always and reinforced by signage and staff.
• We will also comply with any other mandates or protocols specified by the Governor, Health Department, CDC or the World Health Organization.
• If you are denied access for any reason (such as a fever) there will be no refunds given but you will be able to utilize your wristband at a later date.

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