PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG ) – The Mayor of Pensacola says the city is preparing for a possible reopening on May 1st. He says people might see businesses reopen, but not to full capacity.

Some Pensacola Restaurant owners say they are concerned about the new normal. Kevin Lehman owns Fosko Coffee Barre in Downtown Pensacola, he says he has a lot of concerns about the future, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep his customers safe.

“When this all started we had 21 employees now we are down to five,” Lehman said. “Our sales are down about 90 percent and we are losing money every day.”

Lehman says right now he and his staff are doing everything they can to survive. When it comes to the future of dining out, social distancing is also something he’s thought about.

“We just knocked down the wall to Pure Barre so we just tripled our square footage,” Lehman said. “It’s going to work out for us pretty well because we will have all this extra space to spread people out.”

Lehman says he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to help keep his customers stay safe.

“We will wear masks,” Lehman said. “We will keep the tables six feet apart. We will put marks on the floor. We will do whatever it takes to keep people healthy.”