Pensacola, Fla (WKRG)-Pensacola Police Chief Tommi Lyter has issued a statement about a block party that took place at Attucks Court on Easter Sunday.

Chief Lyter said in the statement that he understands the crowd did not observe social distancing guidelines, they were not disorderly or disruptive. Chief Lyter says he along with the Director of Neighborhoods for the city, Lawrence Powell and patrol officers worked to clear the crowd. Lyter says it took several hours to get full compliance but they were able to clear the crowd without the need for arrests or citations.

Lyter says he used the situation as an opportunity to educate the people on scene about the importance of small groups and maintaining social distancing. He says he directed his officers not to make any arrests and he’s proud of how they handled everything.

Lyter says he thinks it’s important for the public to understand that a large segment of the population does not have the luxuries that most other citizens have. Lyter says the cities’ poor residents do not have cable television or a refrigerator full of food or even air conditioning. He says while the organizers of the event meant well, the execution was poor. They are following up to identify those who were involved.