Pensacola mayor urges mask-wearing as hospitalization numbers rise


PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — As more people become hospitalized with COVID-19, Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson is pleading with residents to take it seriously and wear a mask.

A mandate has been in place for nearly six months which applies if you’re inside a business in the city but it seems lately, fewer people are now wearing their masks.

“Cases are exploding and I think people aren’t taking it seriously,” Jennifer Gibson said. “There’s less people wearing masks downtown and overall in Pensacola.”

Gibson said she only sees about 10 to 15 percent of people wearing a face covering. Her husband has a compromised immune system and deals with the public face-to-face.

“If he gets it, he could die,” Gibson said. “He’s only 35 and that’s terrifying so I’d much prefer everyone wear a mask. It doesn’t take that much effort.”

Others, like Hannah Lewis, disagree.

“I think this is all just a bunch of BS,” Lewis said.

Lewis said she’s already had COVID-19 and she only wears a mask when it’s required.

“I actually live with my grandparents and I go out like every weekend and they have underlying health conditions and they don’t wear a mask anywhere and they haven’t got corona at all this whole time,” Lewis said.

Mayor Grover Robinson is pleading with people to take COVID-19 seriously and wear a mask.

“We really need to work together and not against each other,” Robinson said.

Robinson said if the numbers continue to go up over the next month or two, that means large events like Mardi Gras could be canceled.

“We’re looking at events that have been very culturally important to us like Mardi Gras and if we are in a very high hospitalization area, there’s no way we can have that but every one of us oughta be able to come together, wear our mask, and do the right thing so that we can drive down hospitalizations and be able to do those things.”


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