PENSACOLA, Fla (WKRG) — Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson has put together a plan for reopening the city. In a press conference on Monday, he spoke about getting ready for phase one, which will start this Friday with the reopening of recreation facilities.

“We’ll be opening up tennis courts and restoring nets in the City of Pensacola,” Robinson said. “We will be putting basketball goals on our courts and having those back up. We will also be opening playgrounds and playground equipment.”

Robinson says depending on Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision, elective surgeries could be restored in the coming days.

“Our medical and dental people can come to work at this point,” Robinson said. “Expect those openings. There will be protocols that you will be required to work with.”

Robinson says when it comes to restaurants, the city is considering opening them for outdoor seating.

“We really highly encourage outdoor seating, outdoor opportunities for people to eat outside,” Robinson said.

Mayor Robinson says people will still need to follow CDC guidelines.