Nonprofits fill food assistance need in pandemic


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The Coronavirus pandemic continues to strain family budgets with lost jobs and paychecks. Officials with non-profit groups are working overtime to help meet some of those needs. The line of dozens of cars along Texas street in Mobile started at dawn. Several families lining up early outside Walk by Faith Ministries.

“I’m kind of surprised but it also lets us know we have a lot more to do a lot more to accomplish,” said Pastor Dominic Grant with Walk by Faith Ministries. The congregation was gearing up for its first pandemic food distribution.

“It doesn’t matter, your zip code, where you live, black or white it doesn’t matter the thing of it is when you go to the grocery store it’s hard to find meat,” said Grant. No matter where you travel in this pandemic leaders of non profit groups say they’re just doing what they can to help

“Not only is there less money there’s more taxing on the money that they have they’re doing child care where they didn’t have to before, so we’re trying to help stretch dollars any way we can,” said Rick Long with Central Flora-Bama Church. Just across the Alabama state line in Florida, members of Central Flora-Bama Church get vehicles to stop, pop the trunk so volunteers can drop food and the clients can roll

“They’re not alone, we want to encourage people let them know we’re here if there’s something they need we want to help them with that,” said Long.

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