MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The trial for the COVID-19 vaccine and pregnant women officially began this week in Mobile. Some pregnant women got their first dose of either a placebo or the COVID-19 vaccine.

Molly Palmore got a checkup right before she potentially got her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I’m feeling great. It’s been a long few weeks since I made this decision and I’ve been like getting here. And now that the day is here, I’m ready to go,” Palmore said.

We first spoke with her two weeks ago about being eligible for the trial, to see if antibodies from the COVID-19 vaccine pass along to children after birth. She’s now 30 weeks pregnant.

MedPharmics is performing the double-blind trial at Springhill Medical Center. Patients don’t know at the beginning whether they receive the placebo or the actual vaccine. If a participant receives a placebo, she’ll be vaccinated immediately after her child is born.

“Best case scenario, I get the real vaccine, and I find out after the baby’s born the baby is protected. Awesome. Worst case scenario, I find out after the baby’s born I did not get the vaccine and we have to keep an eye out for COVID in him. But I still did it for science,” Palmore said.

Babies will be followed for six months after delivery.

While Palmore is hopeful she gets the vaccine, she’s still happy and excited to take part in this study and is encouraging other expectant mothers to do the same.

“You participated in scientific research, you progressed an era of research where we have seen so much done just for coronavirus, and just participating in that enough it’s gratifying. It’s gratifying to me. I imagine it would be for someone else,” Palmore said.

Mothers and their babies are eligible for compensation for time and travel. If you’d like to take part in the study, or learn more about it, call 251-263-5669.