BAY MINETTE, Ala. (WKRG) – Baldwin County Sheriff’s deputies on routine calls have already been face-to-face with the virus. “Even as recently as last night our deputies and our corrections officers are coming in contact with people who are symptomatic or who are currently in the testing process.”

Baldwin County Sheriff Hoss Mack asked the Baldwin County Commission to approve hazard pay for deputies, corrections officers and communications officers. The commission unanimously approved the request retroactive to March 30th. “We have had several individuals who have presented themselves both on response calls in the field as well as being brought into our corrections center that have been symptomatic,” says Mack. “So far, all have tested negative.”

The hazard pay increase will mean an additional 240 thousand dollars per pay period. All of it reimburseable to the county through the Care Act.

In all 279 employees will see a bump in their pay for the duration of the emergency order.