Gotcha explains sanitation process for scooters in Downtown Mobile


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — More and more businesses are opening up and people are spending more time outside and in Downtown Mobile.

Gotcha Scooters came to Downtown Mobile at the beginning of 2020, and are out for riders to use as the state reopens. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the mobility company offered its scooters to help with food delivery. Now, it is working to make sure riders and employees are safe as more people go outdoors.

The scooters are in Downtown Mobile as well as in the Llanfair neighborhood, between Dauphin and Airport.

The company says they have implemented enhanced, and more frequent cleaning of scooters, so they’re ready for people to grab them and ride.

The company explains the disinfection process is repeated throughout the day, while employees re-balance and charge the scooters. They also recommend all riders to use hand sanitizer before and after riding, wear a protective face mask, and follow social distancing guidelines.

Some we spoke with say they’ve seen others take even more caution.

“One of our bartenders, her and her husband they’ve used them before. They bring their Lysol wipes, they wipe them down. They’ve really enjoyed,” said Gina Jo Previto, who works downtown.

The company also confirms Mobile will be getting bikes from the company, but manufacturing was delayed because of COVID-19.

Full release from Gotcha Mobility:

Below are the current protocols Gotcha has established to reduce risk to its riders and employees for our e-scooters in Mobile. The company will update its process and protocols as needed to make best efforts to ensure everyone’s safety.  

  • Implemented enhanced, and more frequent, cleaning of scooters using disinfecting products approved by the CDC to kill coronavirus germs.

o    Disinfection will be repeated throughout the day while rebalancing and charging scooters.

o    Fleet techs will mist at-risk contact areas such as hand grips, brake levers, bells, and any other points of contact for scooters going into and staying in the field.

  • Briefed all employees and in-market staff on proper personal hygiene practices as recommended by the CDC.

o    Employees will wash hands with disinfectant soap for 20+ seconds before shift and at the end of shift and whenever possible in between. In addition, employees will be provided with hand wipes and/or hand sanitizer to clean their hands in the field use.

  • Gotcha recommends all riders use hand sanitizer before and after riding, wear protective face masks, and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Gotcha is committed to the safety of its riders and will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves. The company will comply with any federal, state, or local policies that may require changes to our services.


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