PENSACOLA, Fla (WKRG) — Pensacola residents in favor of openings the beaches gathered at a protest downtown on Tuesday morning.

County commissioners met to discuss the beaches reopening. Daisey Walker says the government has overstepped its’ boundary in closing the beaches.

“This is our rights, this is our freedoms,” Walker said. “Our constitutional rights are rights.”

Walker says she is out of work because she takes care of her grandmother and disabled husband. She says she relies on money she gets from renting out an Airbnb on the beach.

“So it’s been I guess a month or month and a half since we have not had any income,” Walker said. “It’s been really tough, we don’t get unemployment, we don’t get anything like that.”

One man says he’s concerned about the virus spreading, but he can’t live in far.

“It’s a horrible thing,” Michael Bearden said. “It’s horrible that people are suffering and dying from this but people suffer and die from other diseases in this country that are this bad or worse.”