COVID-19 victim says prayer pulled her through


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A story of survival. News 5 first met Ellen Nettles as staff cheered for her as she left Mobile Infirmary. Nettles is the first Coronavirus patient to successfully come off a ventilator.

Nettles said, “It had gotten to a point I could not breathe. I was just panting trying to breathe.” She does not remember much about her time in the hospital. She said, “I actually thought I had the flu at first.”

The whole time, her daughter Stephanie was anxious about not being able to see her Mom. Stephanie said, “It was really unnerving to kind of go through this unknown of what could possibly happen with this virus.”

Nettles said she’s not in any risk group. She’s 60, and the only condition she has is hypertension, but says the virus took a massive toll on her body. She said, “The first time they stood me up, I couldn’t even stand up on my own, couldn’t use my feet, so I had to learn how to walk all over again.”

Nettles said she’ll never forget the surprise she got as she left Mobile Infirmary. She said, “I started crying and then I get off the elevator downstairs going to the discharge ramp and there were more people and it was just, it was amazing.”

The surprises didn’t stop there, her daughter drove her past her job. Nettles said, “My coworkers were out in the parking lot with signs and everything wishing me well and that was tearful again for me.”

Nettles is home regaining her strength. She says Friday was the first day she did not have to use her walker. She says recovery been difficult, but she’s thankful she survived. She said, “I do believe in the power of prayer and I know that’s what got me through this, my faith and prayer.”


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