COVID-19 question of the day: ‘How could I get COVID-19 from touching my face?’


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The question for April 17 is:
“Just want to say I think you guys are doing a great job covering this illness and letting us know what we need to do. My question is, why does everyone keep saying don’t touch your face? That’s kind of difficult sometimes to remember not to do that. What is the main reason for that? Thank you.”

According to a study from the National Institutes of Health, most of us touch our faces at least 20-times an hour! It’s a habit for many! The problem is, the more you touch your face, the better the chance you have of getting sick.

Think about all the things you touch throughout the day that someone else who could have COVID-19 touched before you– door handles, gas pumps, shopping carts. So without thinking, again, because it’s a habit, you rub your nose or your eyes, or you bite your nails before you’ve had a chance to wash your hands after touching that contaminated surface. The virus enters your body through mucous membranes, such as your nose, eyes, and mouth, so now you have COVID-19.

That’s why health experts say we should all be washing our hands constantly, and keeping them off our faces.


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