CORONAVIRUS EXPERTS: Employment scams hit those already in financial crisis


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The Better Business Bureau (BBB) finds that nearly three-quarters of those who lose money to employment scams are already in financial crisis, and do not have enough income to cover their monthly bills.

Monde Donaldson with the Mobile County BBB says employment scams were the 1 riskiest scam in 2018 and 2019.

A new study released last week says more than half of the people targeted by employment scams (53%) reported being unemployed at the time of the encounter.

Half the scams reported were “work from home opportunities.”


 Job applicants are led to believe they are applying or have just been hired for a promising new job, but the job is not real. Victims may end up giving personal information that can be used for identity theft or spending money for “training” or “equipment.” In another scenario, the victim may be “overpaid” with a fake check and asked to wire back the difference.


Students and individuals 25-34 more likely to be victimized. Those 45-54 and 65 plus reported higher dollar losses.


1. Always do background checks on the company (look for the posting on their website).

2. Be wary of work from home, shipping warehouse opportunities or secret shopping positions. (65 % of fake job offers were related to becoming a warehouse distribution coordinator.)

3. Watch for on-the spot job offers.

4. Don’t fall for the fake check scams. 36 % of those who reported unemployment scams said they received a fake check.

5.Be wary of sharing any personal information or any kind of prepayment.

6. Be wary of offers that were too good to be true.

7. Be wary of job descriptions.

8. Even  if you do the work, it still may be a scams . 32% of those who reported employment scams said they did work but were never paid.

GO TO BBB.ORG/Scamtracker if you have been scammed or are suspicious of a company or offer.


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