Coping with stress related to COVID-19


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — WKRG’s Devon Walsh talked with local equine therapist Kari Whatley about new ways to cope with COVID-19 and staying at home.

“We need to be paying attention to how we are deciding to make ourselves feel better during this stressful times. The truth is we are all pretty good at figuring out ways to help ourselves feel better. It’s just if that is actually good for you or not.”

Kari Whatley

Drinking alcohol and over-eating are two of the most common coping methods people fall into.

“A lot of the times drinking too much isn’t seen as a problem, it’s seen as a solution because it helps us feel better for a little while. But what can happen is the things we are choosing to do to make us feel better can actually end up making us feel worse.”

Kari Whatley

Kari says for example, drinking alcohol can make you fall asleep faster but it lowers the quality of sleep making you not as rested the next day.

“Stress tends to amplify what was already there, so if you were already drinking a little too much, and eating too much that can definitely increase. But it’s important to remember doing what you feel like doing, and doing what will make you actually feel better are rarely the same thing.”

Kari Whatley


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