PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — For 160 years, the Pensacola Lighthouse has sat at the entrance to Pensacola Bay and thousands of visitors have come every year to explore its history but paranormal investigators say the property has six permanent residents.

“We don’t say that we’re haunted,” Night Tour Coordinator Rob Boothe said. “We say that we’re occupied by six people who really like it here and chose to stay with us.”

Boothe took News 5 on a tour and it started in the adjacent museum in Ellen Mueller’s bedroom. Mueller grew up here and got married at the lighthouse. She died giving birth more than 100 years ago.

“Ellen died of complications…and she bled to death in this room in 1911,” Boothe said.

There are about 20 ghost hunters and they use two different devices that pick up on electromagnetic energy to communicate with ghosts. Boothe used the GhostMeter Pro get ask yes and no questions.

“They respond by dancing the meter once for yes..and bouncing it twice for no..when the meter turns red, it means they’re in a real close proximity to you,” Boothe said.

The tour continued in the basement where our group took K2 meters which Boothe said the ghosts can light up different colors.

“Can you light this one up for me?” Boothe asked aloud in the basement. “Can you make it change colors?”

About three seconds later, the lights on the device flickered.

In the basement is where Boothe said they often find Thomas and Raymond who were runaway slaves hanged and buried on the property.

The tower stands about 15 stories high and is 177 steps. In the stairwell and on top of the tower, many people have seen or felt a man named Sam Lawrence who became head keeper in 1877. Boothe said others show up here too.

“Is this Raymond?” Boothe asked the GhostMeter Pro at the bottom of the stairs. “Yep.”

Boothe said they communicate a lot with two children, Lizzy and Joey, who died from Yellow Fever in 1922. He says they wander all over the lighthouse property and will travel through visitors causing a fright.

“People will stand in the doorways downstairs and the kids will run through the house and run through them and we watch people get the willies and we kinda snicker because we know what’s happening,” Boothe said.

The Pensacola Lighthouse has been featured on national television. Ten years ago, it was labeled the most haunted lighthouse in the United States.

“TAPS, Ghost Hunters, I believe we were on the Sci-Fi channel..I believe they had about 15 million viewers a week at that time and it really kicked us much history as we have to talk about what they really ask about is the ghosts,” Lighthouse Executive Director Jon Hill said.

You are welcome to see for yourself if it’s haunted. The Pensacola Lighthouse is located on Naval Air Station Pensacola. There are private and overnight ghost hunts from the spring until November.

Visit the Lighthouse website for more information.