SAVANNAH Ga. (WSAV) – As many people gear up for Halloween, for some, ghosts are an everyday occurrence in the Hostess City. In fact, some people consider Savannah a hotbed of hauntings.

There are a lot of tour companies that provide haunted ghost tours in Savannah, with dozens of stops in the downtown area alone. Darin Farr, Creative Services Director with Old Savannah Tour Company, says there are too many reports of ghosts and apparitions to ignore.

“I think that there’s a very high supernatural energy here,” Farr said, adding it’s this energy pulling thousands of people into Savannah to take the tours every year.

There’s the tale of Alice Riley, who at 17, was the first woman hanged in Georgia in January 1734, after giving birth to a baby. Farr says there are multiple reports of her ghost asking women in Wright Square if they’ve seen her baby.

Calhoun Square was built over the graves of slaves, who are said to still haunt that area. One of the homes on Calhoun Square, at 432 Abercorn Street, has a legend of violence, murder, and deadly child abuse. None of the stories there can be confirmed in the history of that property, but Farr says there’s a decade of trouble for people working to renovate the old mansion.

“It’s said to have been so haunted that they’ve had seven crews that have been trying to restore the house, over the last 50 years or so, and they’ve all been run off due to demonic entities and supernatural behavior,” said Farr.

There’s a part of The Pirate’s House Restaurant that is that’s the oldest building in Georgia — and Farr says it’s among the most haunted.

“They’ve heard demonic growling, children crying, and screams before the restaurant opens or it’s closed at night,” said Farr.

“Every day is Halloween in Savannah. We got good food and good spooks. We’re the most haunted city in America, so might as well enjoy that,” he said with a smile.

Old Savannah Tours Ghosts & Graveyards Tour is one of their most popular, with bookings seven days a week.