Haunted, serial killer-inspired hotel draws visitors to Victor, Colorado

Haunted History

VICTOR, Colo. — The walls of the Black Monarch Hotel have seen it all.

“Originally built in 1899, it was a saloon, brothel, and casino would serve miners working the Gold Rush in Victor, Colo.,” owner Adam Zimmerli said.

At one point, more than 18,000 people called Victor home. The town was growing and so was the Black Monarch.

“I found ads for here that ran in Chicago and St. Louis that describe it as the ‘Finest Gentlemen Club,'” Zimmerli said.

Once the Gold Rush ended, the town became abandoned. It never truly went back to its original glory, until now.

“I acquired this building about two years ago, and relaunching it in phases as a haunted attraction,” Zimmerli said.

The Black Monarch reopened in May with rooms themed after serial killers.

“I have a dark sense of humor, and I have a collection of dark things, and thought, let’s just go for it,” Zimmerli said.

One room is themed after H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer.

“Part of his success as a serial killer is that people had the impression he was already wealthy,” Zimmerli said.

Another is themed after Elizabeth Bathory–England’s most notorious serial killer, rumored to have bathed in the blood of people she killed.

“I wanted to maintain a Victorian aesthetic here but also needed to pick people that were classy,” Zimmerli said.

As if that wasn’t enough, hotel guests say the Black Monarch is truly haunted.

“It seems to be haunted with the memory of the Gold Rush and the memory of the patrons and the saloon here, and it doesn’t seem to be anything heavy or dark,” Zimmerli said.

It’s a chilling thought, but the hotel is helping Victor in more ways than one.

“It’s been a huge overwhelming response,” Zimmerli said. “The guests coming in have been super excited to stay and spend money.”

The Black Monarch also serves as a living history lesson. One room is themed after Nicola Tesla, who built the nearby hydroelectric dam and is rumoured to have done the hotel’s wiring.

Zimmerli is asking for your help in speeding up the process of renovating the Black Monarch hotel. Crowdfunding will help complete the process sooner and cut turnaround time in half.

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