I can picture it now, rows of fans dressed up like Goku, The Flash, Batwoman or whatever the cosplay of choice is, as tons of celebrities from TV, comics, anime and professional wrestling and more are in attendance to meet their adoring fans. What am I talking about? You should already know; it’s Pensacon 2022! Pensacon is back and it’s better than ever this year, and as always, The Gulf Coast CW is hooking you up with a chance to win free passes! Superman and Lois returns Tuesday, January 11th, and all you have to do is watch, and wait for yours truly, Theo, to pop up on your screen, and I’ll give you the special keyword that you’ll need to enter to win. Then, go to GulfCoastCW.com and enter the special keyword and you’re finished. Just sit back and enjoy Clark and Lois’ exciting adventures and wait to see if you’ve been selected to get free passes to Pensacon! Easy peasy, lemon squeezie! Wait, are lemons actually easy to squeeze? Sorry, I got sidetracked! In any case, make sure you tune in to The Gulf Coast CW and watch the return of Superman and Lois and YOU could be on your way to Pensacon 2022 on us! Besides, The Gulf Coast CW is always entertaining, so you might as well stay tuned for all of the action and fun!