LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) – Two families in our area have similar stories to share. Each have adopted children and they’re hoping to adopt more.

This week the costly adoption process could get a little easier for one lucky family, but it all depends on your vote.

“We’re about $25,000 short to have this adoption funded,” said Jada Allen.

“Lucy has a lot of medical costs. There’s a lot of costs in taking care of her and Sophie is going to have a lot of costs coming home,” said Tara Fraser.

The Allen Family from Loxley and the Fraser Family from Chickasaw are just two families participating in a nationwide contest to have their adoptions fully paid for. They’re both in the top 10 competing for the prize.

“It’s going to change somebody’s life. It’s worth while regardless of who they vote for,” said Fraser.

She and her husband Matthew adopted Mary Alice and Lucy from Taiwan, but this year they learned Lucy has a baby sister. Her name is Sophie. The Fraser’s are ready to bring her home.

“We’re really excited to have her home and have all of the girls together,” she added.

It’s the first time a Fund The Nations contest has featured two local contestants in the top 10. Each shirt or sweatshirt purchased on the website for that particular family equals a vote. It’s a process that could change these families lives.

“During Jenny’s adoption we sold our boat that we had. We got two jobs a piece, we did all kinds of things on the side, we did fundraising,” said Allen.

She and her husband Jake adopted their daughter from Bulgaria. She has two heart conditions and needs frequent medical attention. Another daughter could soon be on the way.

“We have medical bills. It would just be a life changer for us,” Jada added.

Voting ends at midnight this Thursday.