MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Tension in the Sophie Turner-Joe Jonas divorce is heating up as Turner has made claims that Jonas is unlawfully keeping their children in New York City.

TMZ’s Towanda Robinson spoke with WKRG News 5’s Cherish Lombard to discuss the latest on the divorce.

“Basically, she’s trying to insinuate that Joe will not let her see the kids and or take them back to England as she wants to,” Robinson said. “She says that in April they decided that they were going to permanently make the UK their home. They wanted to raise their kids there. They wanted the kids to go to school there. However, Sophie had a project she was working on that was going to be pretty time consuming and pretty heavy, so they decided to have the kids stay with Joe in the United States while he was on tour, and the kids were supposed to come back with Sophie once she wrapped up her project. The project has been wrapped up. However, she’s saying that Joe will not give her the kids his passport and will not let them come back to the UK.”

So what does Jonas and his legal team have to say about all of this?

“They’re saying that this is all untrue,” Robinson said. “They’re surprised at Sophie’s filing because they said that they had a cordial meeting over the weekend to discuss these things, and none of this was brought about. He says that the kids, they filed something in Florida that states that the kids are supposed to stay in the United States for this action she filed. If they were, if she were to try to go through it, that would be a violation of the filing that was made in Florida. So he’s saying that he’s he’s not wrong, and he’s right. And the kids are going to stay in the United States for now.”

Through all of this, Jonas is seeking joint custody of their children.

“So he he wants to reiterate that he does not want to keep the kids away from Sophie,” Robinson said. “He doesn’t mind co-parenting with her even though she’s going to be in England. He doesn’t mind raising the kids half the time in the United States, half the time in the UK. He did seek for joint parental rights. So hopefully they at least can get this worked out, and the mess can kind of die down a little bit.”