MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The writers strike has put a halt to a vast number of productions across the country. WKRG’s Cherish Lombard discussed the strike with TMZ’s Towanda Robinson.

Cherish: Several CW and CBS shows are on pause thanks to the writer’s strike in Hollywood. Towanda Robinson is here to tell you about that decision. Drew Barrymore says her show will not go back into production while the Writers Guild strike continues.

Towanda: Drew announced last week that she was going to bring her show back. And upon that announcement, she was met with a ton of backlash from actors, actresses, regular people like myself. She was just dragged through the mud for this decision to bring back her show while the strike was still going on. Other shows also followed in her lead. Also bringing their shows back. They were also met with backlash. And now it seems like things might be changing because of that.

Cherish: The season premiere of “The Talk” was supposed to air today, but that did not happen because of the strike.

Towanda: Right, ‘The Talk’ was supposed to come back today. They also, like Drew, decided to press pause. Bill Maher also announced that he was going to bring his show back. Today, he announced he is going to press pause. It seems like the WGA and some of the negotiations are seeming to like they’re going to come to it and have another meeting maybe to try to get something settled. So these shows are trying to wait for that meeting to happen to see what can come out of that.

Cherish: And a lot of people are hoping that happens very soon. Towanda, thanks for being here. We will see you on TMZ after WKRG News Five at Nine.

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