MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Not everyone knows all of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

That became apparent when the police bodycam footage of a traffic stop involving Teresa Giudice was released to the public.

WKRG News 5’s Shamonee Baker discussed the bodycam footage with TMZ’s Jacob Wasserman.

“I think we’ve seen celebrities use that ‘You don’t know who I am?’ card before,” Wasserman said. “That seems to be the case here with Teresa. I mean, you’ve got to keep in mind, she is a New Jersey celebrity. I should give her more credit. She’s a celebrity all across America, but particularly maybe most welcomed in her home state of New Jersey.

“But the policeman, this guy was as nice as can be after he took her ID, he just went over to his car and then, I guess, put in her information, but then let her off with just a quick warning.”

In the video, Giudice tried to give the police officer what she called a ‘family business card.’ However, her attorney said she and her family do not have a family business card.

“He said that this wasn’t a family business card, but in fact, a PBA card,” Wasserman said. “And frankly, I wasn’t too familiar with this. But some of my coworkers here who are from the East Coast say that these cards are pretty common. It shows that you’re in support of police or that you have maybe friends that are in the police department. So it sounds like that was what Teresa was trying to use in this case.

“But her lawyer was still very upset about the fact that she was being hassled for supposedly not doing anything while driving. The officer did say that she seemed to be swerving a little bit, and that’s the reason why she was pulled over. But Teresa’s lawyer, still not happy and said that she didn’t do anything wrong.”