MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Snoop Dogg announced he was going smokeless last week on social media, but it was all a marketing ploy.

WKRG News 5’s Rose Ann Haven spoke with TMZ’s Jacob Wasserman on the latest scoop on Snoop.

“Jacob, you might say the rapper took a hit to his reputation,” Haven said.

“Well, maybe a temporary one,” Wasserman replied. “A lot of people were surprised because last week, Snoop Dogg posted on his social media account saying, I’m giving up smoke, and marijuana smoke is pretty associated with the rapper. So a lot of people were surprised by this. But it turned out to be a smokescreen because all it really was was just a marketing ploy for a company called Solo Stove, which was a, I guess, a smokeless fire pit.”

“And smoking Mary Jane is pretty much his signature,” Haven said. She asked Wasserman if he believed the ad when he saw it.

“Well, I think I was in suspicious when I heard him say he’s giving up smoke,” Wasserman said. “I mean, it seemed like it was foreshadowing something. It’s too associated with his brand.”

Haven mentioned other rappers fell for Snoop Dogg’s social media as well.

Yeah, I guess some people thought that this was maybe a New Year’s resolution,” Wasserman replied. “And Meek Mill, Coi Leray, these are two big rappers who I think followed suit and posted it on their own, saying, ‘Listen, I’m also working on giving up smoke.’ So it seemed like maybe they were trying to stand in solidarity with Snoop, but it backfired a little bit.”

Haven joked they’re probably hoping to get their own deals.

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