MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Actor Jonathan Majors and his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabari have made headlines again for another assault allegation. This time the tables have turned. The accusations are against Jabbari.

WKRG News 5’s Rose Ann Haven spoke with TMZ’s Towanda Robinson about the allegations.

“So this all started some months back when Jonathan and Grace were in a vehicle, in a car and this is basically a he said she said situation,” said Robinson. “Grace accused Jonathan of attacking her, physically assaulting her and charges were immediately brought to Jonathan. However, now he cross-filed saying that she was physically abusive to him. So there’s just been a lot of crossed wires that have caused this whole incident to just completely blow up. Whether you want to say its blown up in Jonathan’s face or blown up in Grace’s face, the situation has just completely blown up and it’s just now a big mess.”

TMZ obtained surveillance video that showed what appeared to be Jabbari partying after the alleged incident took place.

“So Grace was claiming that Jonathan, like I said, physically assaulted her. She said that he caused some damage to her fingers as well as some other injuries. However, we had surveillance video of her kind of partying very, very quickly after the alleged incident took place. She’s in a bar. She’s drinking, she’s texting. So I’ve had an injured finger before and it really hurts and it hurts really bad to the point where you’re not going to be holding a drink or using that injured finger to text or whatever the case may be. But she was on surveillance doing so. So that’s not going to help her case, along with the fact that she’s now being charged. That’s not going to help her case. As far as Jonathan goes, because it looks like, well, if she if there’s enough evidence for her to be charged, clearly I have some kind of innocence or, you know, we’re either we’re both guilty or we’re both innocent. But if there’s enough evidence for her to be charged, something’s wrong and something smells fishy here,” said Robinson.

Rose Ann acknowledged that the allegations towards Majors hurt his career.

“Yeah, majorly. He took a big career hit. His manager, his longtime manager dropped him. He was dropped from a Texas Rangers ad along with the slew of movies he was going to be in and the Otis Redding’s biopic. They decided to step away. So he did take a huge, huge hit career-wise because he was on the peak of his career. He had just finished Creed 3 with Michael B Jordan. And there were just so many people that wanted to work with him. And then this situation happened and I guess the people wanted to be safe than sorry. And they decided to kind of just back away from Jonathan and the whole situation and just kind of cut ties with him. So unfortunately for him, yeah, his career did take a hit,” said Robinson.

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