MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — After hashing out the terms of their divorce, it seems Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have struck a deal.

Child custody has been the topic here, Cherish discussed with TMZ’s Towanda Robinson.

“Yeah, so it seems like that mediation that they went through last week did help,” Robinson said. “They were able to come up with some temporary terms for the time being.

“Up until January, it seems like the couple are going to have their kids split up in like two-week increments. Sophie will be allowed to take the kids to the UK when they are in her custody and Joe will be able to keep them in the United States when they’re with him. So it’s just very refreshing to see that they were able to at least get something set for the time being, especially with the holidays coming up.”

But how will this look permanently?

That’s what is still up in the air.

“So since it is temporary, it seems like they are very close to making a final settlement, an agreement when it comes to custody,” Robinson said. “So once that is put into place, they will have to have a judge sign off on that and then they will be in a more permanent stage.

“It seems like probably they won’t be in these two-week increments, time schedule. But for now, they are just happy to have this situated and not having to worry about that for the time being.

“But like we said, after January, it seems like there’ll be a more permanent situation once a judge finally does sign off on that.”