MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Keke Palmer’s ex-boyfriend, Darius Jackson, is denying abuse claims.

Palmer asked a judge for a restraining order against Jackson and sole custody of their son just last week.

WKRG News 5’s Cherish Lombard spoke with TMZ’s Jacob Wasserman on the latest development in the Palmer-Jackson sage.

Lombard said that Jackson is now saying Palmer’s mother threatened to put a bullet in his head.

“And from Jackson’s perspective, from what we’re hearing, is that he was supposed to go over to Keke’s house to hang out with their son, Leo, and watch football together,” Wasserman said. “When he arrived at the house, Leo wasn’t there. One thing led to another, and a big fight broke out. Kind of unclear exactly how things escalated, but it got to the point where, like you mentioned, Keke Palmer’s mom got on the phone and made a pretty serious threat.”

Lombard also mentioned Jackson said to check for a police report when it comes to the abuse allegations.

“Yeah, so apparently police came to the scene and did not file and did not say that there was anything wrong, according to sources to him, close to, I should say,” Wasserman said. “And it’s interesting because if you remember last week, we pointed out there were some exhibits that were inserted in Keke’s temporary restraining order documents, and it showed Darius appearing to be strangling her as they wrestled on the couch. But from what we’re being told by our sources close to Darius is that he was just trying to take Keke’s phone away after the mother made the really serious threat against him.”

“Now, Jacob, a judge did grant Keke a temporary restraining order, but getting sole custody of their 8-month-old son hasn’t been decided,” Lombard said.

“No, and that will be decided in an upcoming hearing,” Wasserman said. “But what was interesting was that we actually got photos of Keke with Leo this past weekend. She was on set and the two look pretty happy.”

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