MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Aaron Rodgers could return to the gridiron much earlier than expected after tearing his Achilles in week one of the NFL season.

WKRG News 5’s Cherish Lombard spoke with TMZ’s Jacob Wasserman about Rodgers’ historically speedy recovery.

“His ruptured Achilles is apparently healing at a record pace,” Lombard said.

“It’s truly remarkable,” Wasserman said. “Whenever an athlete tears their Achilles, it usually takes over nine months to recover. But Aaron Rodgers, you just saw a little over 50 days ago seems on a remarkable trajectory here and could even play later this season.”

Lombard mentioned an injury would typically keep a player sidelined until the next training camp, but the sources are saying he could strap on the pads again this season.

“Yeah, so what we’re being told is it really just comes down to how good the Jets are,” Wasserman replied. “You know, if they go into the postseason and they’re doing pretty well, maybe they don’t need Aaron. And with that in mind, they’ll give him some more time to recover. But when it comes to desperation time, they have some big games and they definitely need their star player.”

Wasserman also mentioned the doctors are factoring in whether Rodgers can actually play and how much he wants to play.

“We wouldn’t want to see another injury,” Lombard said.

“But what we’re being told is it’s just remarkable what he’s been able to do in terms of physical therapy,” Wasserman said. “And it’s all due to just a lot of cutting edge technology which doctors are starting to implement on Aaron and just his incredibly diligent work ethic.”

“Now they’re saying that’s why he may be healing faster than other football players would,” Lombard replied.