MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Taylor Swift was spotted at the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

WKRG News 5’s Cherish Lombard talks about a potential Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce relationship with TMZ’s Jacob Wasserman.

“Well what was so funny, it seemed like no one really cared about the game,” Wasserman said. “The game was a total blowout, and all eyes were on Taylor Swift in this box alongside Donna Kelce. And it seemed like some of the other Kelce family members. But she was cheering the entire time. And it’s been interesting because leading up until Sunday, there’s been a little bit of tongue-in-cheek with both Taylor and Travis. They’ve both been… well, it seems like Travis really more has been alluding to the fact that he’s invited Taylor to a game. But there might be something there; there might not be. And it still seems a little bit unclear. But they’re clearly connected to the point where she decided to fly into Kansas City to watch him play. And I think people are loving it.”

On top of attending the game, Swift was spotted with Kelce postgame.

“They were together and wearing a very interesting outfit, so I should actually say I’m pointing more towards Travis,” Wasserman said. “He was wearing this kind of Canadian tuxedo. It was this like blue and white suit, which is now getting a ton of buzz online. It was a 300-dollar jacket. And they rode off together out of Arrowhead Stadium in a convertible, which I was also surprised to see because I, you know, I haven’t been to Kansas City, but when I think of Kansas City, convertibles don’t come to mind. I think more Malibu. Yeah, but it was definitely it’s quite a scene. So either they are together and this is just really cute and nice or maybe something a little PR here, a little bit of a PR stunt. Keep in mind, Taylor does have a huge movie coming out in two weeks or areas to our film, which is going to be released in theaters across the countries. I’m a little bit more of a cynic, but maybe this is just the beginning of trailer.”