MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The drama with Britney Spears, her knives, her dogs and her own health seems to never end.

WKRG News 5’s Cherish Lombard spoke with TMZ’s Towanda Robinson after Spears demanded an apology from the officers who showed up to her home for a welfare check.

“Yeah, so she had a bandage on her arm,” Robinson said. “She had a cut on her leg. And the timing of the wounds was just a little too much for fans. As like you said, she did post that video prior to her dancing with what she says were prop knives.

“The fans were a little worried. And so they put in a few wellness check calls to the police and an officer who had actually been in contact with Britney before saw the videos and was a little concerned as well. And that’s kind of what prompted that welfare check. And she’s not really happy about it at all.”

The store she bought the prop knives from has struggled since the writers’ strike begun, but it is now seeing more business than it has in quite some time.

“Yeah, so they say that because of the strike that we’ve been going through, their business was struggling,” Robinson said. “But after Britney gave them a shout-out in one of her videos, they’ve seen a tremendous spike in sales.

“They’ve had a tremendous spike in calls of people trying to get props, especially knives. And they’ve said that they doubled up in sales, and people coming in, and they really have just thanked Britney for saving their shop. They literally say that she is the reason that they were able to keep their doors open.”

Although Spears’ dogs were around in the video, and people have worried about her dogs, they seem to be OK.

“The dogs are okay to all of our knowledge,” Robinson said. “Britney, honestly, she says she just wants to live her life and to live free. She doesn’t want to have people to be worried about her dogs, worried about her, worried about if she’s dancing with fake knives or real knives. She just says that she just really just wants to live her life freely. And she’s she’s tired of having to deal with this.

“She feels like she’s being bullied. You know, can’t really post things like that, especially with wounds, and that she should be happy people are still looking out for her. That’s what I’m saying.”