Tuscumbia, Ala. – A restaurant under a rock: The Rattlesnake Saloon has been up and running since 2009. The property in Tuscumbia has also been used for farming and equestrian for more than a century.

It’s now a tourist destination that gets visitors and attention from people from all works of life.

“I built a restaurant, I was feeding my horse riders, and next thing you know everybody was hearing about a place under the rock,” said William Foster, Owner of Rattlesnake Saloon.

On the property is also ‘Seven Springs Lodge’ a place to stay, a gift shop, and a local equestrian camp, all part of a family run business that has deeps roots.

“Now we get as many if not more people to the equestrian because of the saloon so it brings more people,” said Foster.

William Foster is the fourth generation in his family to take on this property, his addition to
The equestrian camp and 3000 acres of trails was an eatery, to feed all the horse lovers that came to enjoy the land.

“This rock was actually my grandfather’s pigpen, so he had pigs under here, so we had this natural overcrop,” he said.

There is a hole in the top of the rock, it was originally drilled to feed the pigs that lived on the property, it’s now used to get electricity, water, and other necessities down to the restaurant.

“It’s unique, I honestly don’t know another place in the states like it,” Foster said.

The name Rattlesnake may put some people on edge, the property is rural and wildlife also like to visit.

“There’s a lot of rattlesnakes on our property, 3000 acres aired rocky area, we harvest about 18/20 a year off of us.”

When building the saloon, staff came across a surprise.

“On the tailgate was a pile of snakes, and a big snake they ran across a den of rattlesnakes they killed 13,” said Foster.

The skins of some of the Rattlesnakes found on the property are proudly displayed on the walls.

“So my dad gave me the picture frame with all the snakes on it, he said son why don’t you put this on your saloon, and name it rattlesnake saloon,” he said.

There’s almost always live music being played at the restaurant and on a usual night, foster describes the saloon as fast-paced with a big atmosphere.

“Pre COVID-19 it was totally different, we would from 800 to 1000 people here on a Saturday night,” Foster said.

Now, at half capacity due to due to the virus, it’s more of a laidback vibe.

“It’s gonna be a really cool atmosphere, plenty of property to hike and do what you want, the foods good, great staff just a great place to come visit.”

Fosters favorite part of owning and running the Rattlesnake Saloon is the encounters he has with his guests, always taking the time to sit with them, interact, and make their experience a personal one.

“You see and meet people from all over the world. I enjoy sitting down at the table, I enjoy talking to people.”

The Rattlesnake Saloon is open Thursday-Saturday, 11am – 10pm and Sunday, 11am-3pm.