With the holiday. Season upon us, much like everyone else, I’m looking for things to do to get myself into that holiday spirit. That’s when I heard about Groovy Goat in Tropic Falls at Owa in their daily Grooviest Christmas light show. I wanted to learn more about it so I talked to the Director of Operations Nick Gilgliotti, to get the scoop on the light show. 

“We are at groovy goat restaurant located here at OWA amusement park, so tonight we got our holiday spectacular dancing Christmas light show. It’s it’s basically a 9 minute show of just Christmas lights, dancing grooving to the music. We got about 40,000 lights hanging up throughout the place, some of them twinkly lights, some of them just your basic LED lights. The twinkly lights do all kinds of dancing. We got some great music to go along with it, and yeah, it’s just. It’s just a a fantastic show.”

So, if you’re looking to get into the holiday spirit with a bite to eat, then make your way on down to the groovy goat at OWA. I’m Theo Williams for WKRG News 5 and the Gulf Coast CW.