Destiny will be re-written when the cast of The FlashSupergirl, Batwoman, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow team up for part 4 & 5 of Crisis on Infinite Earths. The annual multi-part series will be packed with all the action and excitement of your favorite CW heroes. But that’s not all…

The Gulf Coast CW and Pensacon have teamed up for a CW Crossover contest. Watch the last two episodes of Crisis on Infinite Earths for a chance to win tickets to Pensacon 2020!

Tori B. will share a unique code-word for you to “discover” in parts 4 and 5 of the crossover, which will air on Tuesday, January 14 at 7PM. When you discover the code word, immediately submit it to the contest form provided at the bottom of this page. If your code word is correct, you will be entered into the #CWCrossoverContest for a chance to win passes to Pensacon 2020!

Tuesday January 14th will have TWO code words. Be sure you get them in as soon as they are announced. Code word 4 will need to be submitted by 8PM for it to be considered.

The names of 5 lucky winners will be announced after the CW Crossover is completed. Click here to view the CW Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover schedule. There will be a total of 5 winners and all winners will be announced online and also contacted via email, no later than Friday, January 17th.

Here’s a list of the #CWCrossoverContest code words that have already been announced:

Code #1 – Multiverse
Code #2 – Arrowverse
Code #3 – Crisis
Code #4 – ?
Code #5 – ?

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