The CW Adds Two New Series To Our Expanding Roster with “Leonardo” and “Bump”

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Adding to our growing roster of scripted programing, The CW Network acquired two original series with the one-hour Italian drama Leonardo, starring Aidan Turner (“Poldark”, “The Hobbit”) in the titular role, and the hald-hour Australian comedy-drama, Bump, starring Nathalie Morris (“Almost Paradise”, “One Lane Bridge”), it was announced today by CW executives. Premiere dates and times of the series’ U.S. broadcast debuts will be announced at a later time.

Leonardo explores the secrets and drama behind the genius of Leonardo da Vinci – his life, his work and his personal struggles set against the backdrop of Renaissance Italy. The eight-part series follows da Vinci as he grows into an unparalleled genius and renowned polymath whose work overturned the established order. His restless curiosity fitted between arts, science and technology, driven by a profound quest for knowledge and determined to unfold the mysteries of the world around him. The series unlocks the enigma of this extraordinary man, through an untold story of mystery and passion.

Bump is an Australian comedy-drama series about Olympia (‘Oly”) Chalmers-Davis (Nathalie Morris, “Almost Paradise”, “One Lane Bridge”) , an overacheiving 17-year-old student who knows exactly where she’s going. Her boyfriend, doctor’s son Lachie (Peter Thurnwald, “King Kong: Skull Island”, “Thor: Ragnorok”), ticks all the right boxes; she and her best friend, Reema (Safia Arain, “One Lane Bridge”, “Black Christmas”), share an ambitious 10-year plan: top grades, international relations at a unibersity, work for the UN, save the world.

Oly’s mother Angie (Claudia Karvan, “Love My Way”, “The Secret Life Of Us”) is the head of English at her inner city high school; and her father Dom (Angus samson, “Fargo”, “The Lincoln Lawyer”) is a recently redundant exectutive who’s been spending nights on his moored boat. Angie and Dom are lost in their own mid-life reckoning.

At school Oly collapses in agony. She’s sped to hospital in an ambulance, accompanied by Angie, and they are both stunned – horrified – to discover that Oly is in labor. Blindsided, in deep shock, Oly rejects the baby entirely. If she doesn’t acknowledge the baby, then she doesn’t have to acknowledge how her life has irrevocably changed, or that the baby’s father is not her boyfriend; it’s Santiago “Saniti” Hernandez (Carlos Sanson, Jr., “Legacies”, “Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave”), the laid-back son of Angie’s major work crush: Chilean soccer coach Matias (newcomer Ricardo Scheihing-Vasquez).

The Hernandez and Chalmers families clash over differing expectations of family obligations and with Angie and Dom on the brink of separation already; and Matias and his wife Rosa (Paula Garcia, “Little White Lies”) battling their own messy household dynamic, the arrival of the baby sets off each family in different ways.

As the series develops, so does our understanding of what drew Oly and Santi together in the first place, and how it could bring them closer now – if they can navigate this sudden onset of adulthood, and if their families don’t get in the way.

The Gulf Coast CW is excited for the debuts of both Leonardo, and Bump, as we remain committed to always being entertaining.

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