The wait is finally over as the long wait for the series premiere of Gotham Knights is upon us. Airing on The Gulf Coast CW tonight at 8pm, Gotham Knights promises to deliver an action-packed drama in which Batman/Bruce Wayne has been murdered, and his adopted son, Turner Hayes, has been framed for the murder of the Caped Crusader. However, he’s not in it alone as the adopted son of the Dark Knight is joined alongside Duela, the daughter of The Joker, a set of sibling experienced thieves in Harper and Cullen Row, as well as Turner Hayes classmate and ‘sidekick,’ Carrie Kelley. This unique approach to the world of Gotham City and Batman are sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

Much like Gotham Knights, Superman and Lois is back tonight, this time with their season premiere, and gives you a closer look at the personal life of the Man of Steel. We venture through the life of Clark Kent and Lois as they continue to navigate the life of the most powerful being on the planet, meanwhile juggling his personal life at home with their two teenage sons.

This is a great opportunity to delve further into the world of DC, as we get to see another side of the characters and the lives they live outside of their crime fighting antics. So, make sure you tune in to Super Knight tonight beginning at 7pm with the season premiere of Superman and Lois, followed by the Series premiere of Gotham Knights at 8pm on The Gulf Coast CW!