Sink Your Teeth In is back and better than ever now that we have partnered with Buffalo Rock! For today’s edition, SYTI takes a short car ride out to Semmes House of Pizza, to try their delicious pie that I’ve been hearing all about!

When I arrived, I was met with the owner Chris Brill who explained to me that he has been in Semmes for around 11 years and that pizza was the family trade and that was all that he knew! I was really excited to try the food but while I waited, I was fortunate enough to meet all of the cool people who help keep Semmes House of Pizza running including Chris’ wife and mother! After talking to Chris for a bit, I found out that they have a food truck that they operate as well! Where is my love emoji when I need it!?

Once the pizza arrived, I knew I was looking at the real deal as the cheese was clearly quality and the pepperoni was cupped, ensuring that I would have a crispy bite every time I chomped on that delicious treat! It was a great pie at Semmes House of Pizza and I definitely left with a smile!

Sink Your Teeth In has been brought to you by Buffalo Rock!