Whats up everybody, it’s your boy Theo Williams back at it again for another delicious episode of Sink Your Teeth In. As we continue to show you some of the delicious restaurants that have popped up in Downtown Mobile, today’s episode was all about the Ramen as we visited Slurp Society Ramen Shop on St. Michael Street. Before it was time for me to sink my teeth in to their delicious menu I had a nice chat with Slurp Society’s fun and friendly General Manager Emily Muncaster. She was pretty awesome as she revealed that the name came from the fact that they want you to “slurp” your food and go as ramen shops tend to be fast passed restaurants.

I was served their delicious Slurp OG ramen that featured pulled pork, afterwards I got to try their Spicy Cukes, and their Chicken Kaarage, Tempura Green Tomato, and Banh Mi Smash Bao Buns! Let me put yall on to some game, these Bao Buns were fire! So, make your way on down to Slurp Society in Downtown Mobile for a great meal.