Satanic Temple of West Florida Host Sock Drive for the Homeless

Gulf Coast CW

For the homeless in Pensacola, help is help, no matter who it comes from.

“I think anybody worth helping us out and helping us I say: good for them, you know?,” says homeless woman Sabrina Spencer.

They’re talking about the Satanic Temple of West Florida. The Temple announced a drive to help bring dry socks to local homeless–a must in a rainy places like Pensacola.

“Socks are worth more than money, I would rather have a fresh pair of socks over a five dollar bill,” says homeless man Rocco.

At the Revolver Record Store on E Gregory Street, the donation box is empty right now. Shop owner Eric Jones is a Christian. Despite the obvious differences between the two he was eager to help their cause.

“They said they were from the Satanic Temple, and at first I was taken aback. But I was like: well, whatever, they are trying to help people who are less fortunate than them,” says Eric Jones.

The group’s no stranger to the public eye, especially since a scene back in July of 2016.  That’s when the group appeared before the Pensacola city council to deliver an invocation and again last month when they were denied the chance to give the invocation before the Escambia county commission meeting.

Their efforts to point out religious discrimination, saying their name gets them blocked from public meeting.  But for the homeless, the group’s name couldn’t matter any less.

“It doesn’t matter about the name, or where it’s coming from, as long as they are doing what they can, that’s how I feel about it,” says Specncer.

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