Yesterday, Saraland High School held their “Rock the Land” concert, which was fronted by the cover band VelcroPygmies, and this concert was more than just an excuse for students to get out of class for a couple of hours. Rock the Land was an event that was a part of a hands-on learning program called “Reach and Teach”, that allows students the opportunity to learn firsthand what it’s like to plan, promote, budget and execute an event.

Students and staff alike had a great time as they jammed out to classic Rock and Roll hits like “Livin’ on a Prayer” among others. The crowd was live, and the set looked amazing complete with strobe lights, a great sound system and a giant video monitor that kept the crowd engaged throughout the entire show. Further student participation was encouraged as The VelcroPygmies invited two students and their guitars to come and perform stage with them! In the moment, it was hard to believe that this event was produced by high school students, because it was that impressive.

Rock the Land was a great event for the students at Saraland High School, further proving that the Reach and Teach program is an excellent way for students to learn hands on, how to create an event from the ground up.