Rouses Eat Right Recipes with Tori B. | Watermelon Blackberry Minty Twist

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(ORANGE BEACH, AL (WFNA) – Gulf Coast CW’s Tori Blackmon has teamed up with Rouses Markets to bring viewers Eat Right Recipes to cook at home. The Watermelon Blackberry Minty Twist is perfect for summertime! This colorful, refreshing snack is great for keeping the family cool and full outdoors. It is easy to make and simple to store in the cooler.

The recipe calls for a few ingredients:
4 cups of watermelon diced
1 ½ cups of washed blackberries
1 lime cut into wedges
6-8 mint leaves, torn and cut
½ cup feta cheese 

Here’s what you do:
Combine watermelon and blackberries in a large bowl.
Squeeze a few wedges worth of limes in your lime (2-4 wedges worth)
Cut the mint leaves a few times and sprinkle them in. 
Garnish mixture with remaining limes
Serve with a small side of feta (optional)

The Watermelon Blackberry Minty Twist is a delicious fruit mix that is easy to prep and tasty to snack on. The smell of it alone will make you want to hit the beach! 

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